Private Sessions & Certification Training Offered
Class Schedule for Fall/Winter 2018
Training times are available Tuesdays & Fridays 9am-2pm  Call or email me for available times

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Snowy Pine Dog Training
Terry Popish


I do not accept reactive and/or aggressive dogs in these training sessions.

Reactivity and/or Aggression is defined as any dog that attempts to nip and/or bite, does nip and/or bite, or lunges in an attempt to nip and/or bite the trainer, any person, family member or another dog. 
If a dog attempts to nip, bite and/or lunges in the attempt to nip/bite any person or dog during a training session-you will be requested to leave the training grounds and no refund will be given for that session.

 Any future training sessions will be cancelled.

Private Training Session Fees:
All prices are for private training sessions with the trainer, 1 dog and the owner/handler.

Puppy 101
Puppy Training/AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Training and Certification
Crate training, house training, walking on lead, basic commands-sit, down, stay, come, heel, wait, preventing/stopping bad behavior-barking, jumping, pawing, destructive behavior, encouraging good puppy behavior, how to play with your puppy. STAR Puppy Certification Course.
6 week course $195

Beginning Obedience 201
Beginning Obedience for dogs 6 months and older/AKC Canine Good Citizen
Training for the following commands-Heel, sit, down, come, wait and wait. Proper social behavior with other dogs and people. CGC Certification Course.
6 week course $195

Intermediate Obedience 202
Prerequisite for this class is successful completion of the is the Beginning Obedience 201 class. 
Training for more advanced obedience skills and competition skills including Novice level Obedience and Rally.
6 week course $195

Beginning Agility 301
Prerequisite for this class is successful completion of the is the Intermediate Obedience 202.
​Introduction to the sport of agility. Learning how to safely execute various types of agility equipment. Basic handling skills and class descriptions.
6 week course $249

Intermediate Agility 302
Prerequisite for this class is successful completion of the is the Beginning Agility 301 class.
​Training for the handler and dog to compete at the Novice Level in all Agility Classes.
6 week course $249

Advanced Competition Training
Prerequisite for this class is successful completion of the lower level classes.
$35.00 per hour and venue 

All Levels *Obedience*Rally*Agility•Carting/Draft Dog*Scenting/Nose Work•Swimming/Water Retrieving •Weight Pulling•Sledding•Biking•Pack Leader Training ​

The Training Session begins from your scheduled training appointment start time (regardless of when you actually arrive ready to train) until you and your dog leave.  You will not be given a longer session if you arrive late. So, please be on time (early if possible) potty your dog, have your papers and everything else ready to go at your scheduled start time. Please note: Questions, completing/coping paper work, fitting equipment to the dog etc. are considered part of the Training Session.
Please Call 530-836-0930 for more information or to reserve training dates and times.

Cash and checks are accepted. Please make checks payable to Terry Popish
Please print the forms below and bring to the first class meeting along with your a COPY of your
 dog's vaccination records.
I do require that dogs have current DHP-P, Rabies & Bordetella Vaccines
During flu season-dogs are required to be vaccinated against the Canine Flu 
for the protection of all other dogs coming to the training facility.
Snowy Pine Dog Training
Snowy Pine Ranch   Graeagle, CA
Phone #530-836-0930
All Training Sessions are Pre-Paid/Pre-Scheduled for 6 Consecutive weeks (unless otherwise noted or pre-approved.
Cancellation/No Show Policy
Training is RAIN OR SHINE!
We now have an indoor training area to use in bad weather.
Classes will not be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather unless determined by the trainer to be a danger to all parties i.e. lighting, dangerous road conditions or road closure.
If a student is scheduled for a training sessions and cancels for any reason or is a no-show, you will be required to pay for the missed session. 
Payment for the missed session must be made prior to the next class attended.
 If you have prepaid for your training sessions (i.e. CGC, STAR Puppy training course)
no make-up classes will be given for missed classes unless the class was cancelled/rescheduled by the trainer.
All Prepaid Classes are nonrefundable for any reason.

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