Rally News & Updates

AKC-American Kennel Club


AKC posted a new Rally Sign Set file. 

Future purchased Rally Signs Sets will reflect this file. You by notice slight changes in the design but the performance remains the same as described in the rally guide revised Jan. 2020.

January 2020

AKC has made some minor word changes to some of the Rally Sign Descriptions.

These revisions have been made and are included in the Rally Quick Reference Guide Revised January 2020.

If you have an earlier revision of the Guide and wish to update it,  you can open this pdf. file and print the updated sign description and attach them to your guide.

I also included a list of the revisions.

UKC-United Kennel Club

UKC is revising their entire Rally Program effective 7-1-2020. It will be similar to AKC's Rally Program. New Signs (130 total) and Guide will be available when the information has been posted by UKC.


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