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Obedience Training & Problem Solving

Training Sessions have resumed, please check for available times.
Private Training and Phone Consultations sessions are available. Training dates will vary during the spring & summer due to my show schedule-so check booking calendar for available training times. I am available most Sundays & Tuesdays from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm. I only accept online booking sessions/prepaid and scheduled.
Please note that a do not give training advice over the phone unless you have paid for a phone consultation.
A phone consultation is advised if you have issues that you would to discuss with the trainer.

Problem Solving 

Private lesson by the hour. Focusing on a single behavior or problem.

One hour Private lesson with trainer, dog and owner addressing a single behavior, problem or training issue.  i.e. jumping, coming when called, stays, walking on leash. This is not for aggression or reactivity modification. $60 per hr.

Obedience Training

Private lesson by the hour. Obedience training for dog and handler.

One hour Private lesson with trainer, dog and owner for Obedience Training from beginning level  to advanced.  Focusing on training and handling skills from basic obedience commands-heel, come, stay/wait, sit and down to more advanced commands-drop on recall, off leash training and competition training. This is not for problem solving, you will need to book a different session to address behavioral issues. $60 per hr.

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