Club Officers 

President : Kimberly Burns                                               Vice President : Terry Popish

Recording Secretary: Denise Mills Zimmerman

Corresponding Secretary: Janet Lee-Thearle

Treasurer:  Frankie Rubel

Board of Directors

Tim Heffernan

Barabara Marowitz

Club Information

One of the goals for this group, The LANDSEER ECT of AMERICA,  is to help identify the number of Landseer ECT currently living in the United States. The Landseer ECT does not have a National Breed Club or Registry in the US so there is no way of actual number. The international governing body for dogs, the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognized the new breed in 1960 with the name Landseer (European Continental Type, Ect) . Now, in countries not affiliated with the FCI, such as Canada, the U.S. and the UK, the white and black Newfoundland is still referred to as the color "Landseer"; everywhere else, it is a white and black Newfoundland. AKC does not recognize the Landseer ECT breed and does not consider it a Landseer Newfoundland either.

Another goal is to organize a rescue  network for ECTs as well as education for disaster preparedness for our animals.


Membership information to follow


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