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About the Breed

Sherpa-Landseer ECT
Landseer ECT

The Landseer  ECT  (LECT) Dog

   The Landseer ECT is a robust and powerful working dog breed (although considered an guardian breed in Europe) .  They are notably a guard dog with a trust worthy disposition. They  can sense danger or an unfriendly  stranger  and stand between you and threat-raise their hackles and stand tall and alert to warn off the danger.  They guard through intimidation by size, confident demeanor and growling. Only in the more dire situations should an ECT use his teeth.  

   As with many large and giant breeds they can be a challenge during their adolescent years and require a dog wise handler and obedience training starting at an early age as well as socialization with other animals and people. 

   LECTs love children and people in general but must to trained to be "gentle" and to sit or down when approached as they could easily knock over a child or elder person. With that guidance they are among the best of all companion animals.

   The LECT exhibits above average intelligence, is an independent thinker, moderate to high energy level and has an excellent sense of smell making them well suited for various performance exercises and trials to include Obedience, Rally, Agility, Draft and Nose work . 






With few exceptions the LECT are lovers of water and are excellent swimmers and  excellent candidates for various water exercises and trials.     Most LECT love water and enjoy fetching dummies and balls in the water as well as swimming. They have a natural instinct for water rescue. 
















The  more time in training the more rewards you as the owner will receive in a dog who shall be confident intelligent and faithful to you, his owner.
   Some LECTs have what is referred to as hunting instinct or prey drive. There could be ways to use this as an advantage in games with your dog  such as chasing a ball , Lure Coursing, FCAT or even Barn Hunt.  These dogs are very powerful and a two legged human is not a match if an LECT wants to take flight in a chase, so training in obedience and excitement control is essential. 

  A Landseer ECT is not a backyard dog left to his own devices for days on end.  He can occupy himself with a playful curious attitude, but he wants nothing more (except maybe food) than to have companionship of their owner.  They require daily exercise-mental and physical. Training should start as a puppy and continue throughout his entire life.  You can keep your dog happy and healthy for many years to come by providing him with quality time/activities, training, health care, food, patience and love.

 With a dedicated , prepared and dog wise owner, the Landseer ECT can be among the very best of companion animals.

Sherpa-Landseer ECT
Photography by Mariella Boerboom
Sherpa-Landseer ECT
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