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Training & Temperament

After seeing one of the more beautiful and  intelligent breeds at a dog show or on our website you are certain you want one of these tall athletic wonders of a dog. 

    But first you must be aware that a lot has gone into these dogs to prepare them to be in a social setting among other dogs spectators and to be handled by a judge.  In the case of the performance dog he must be a willing partner with his or her owner.  Training with an LECT has started early on and the importance of a puppy kindergarten for socialization cant be stressed enough.  If you have never owned a dog before you should probably consider a different breed.

   The Landseer ECT is an above average active dog needing a routine of daily outdoor exercise and mental stimulation. A long walk of an  hour or more you should be willing to commit come rain or shine.

    He will look forward to his daily training with you because he longs for your attention. But don't expect an easy to train dog like say a golden retriever or lab. The LECT has an above average intelligence which makes him an independent thinker. He is stubborn and wants to do things his way.  And if you are an easy mark he will manipulate his way into getting a treat  but not doing what you wanted. So you need to be very consistent with a Landseer ECT . Make  a point to teach him to sit stay prior to being fed or in the future he will serve himself from your dinner plate. The larger he  grows the more of a challenge to gain control so take control early with the basic sit down and stay commands.

    Early and ongoing socialization is a requirement for all LECT so they will be accepting of all types of dogs and people. That doesn’t mean he should be let off leash with every dog he meets but it should be a goal for all LECT owners to walk their dogs among other dogs without incident. If you can envision a fight among these giants!  Socialization and desensitizing training are ways to master these situations.   The  more time in training the more rewards you as the owner will receive in a dog who shall be confident intelligent and faithful to you, his owner. 

    Be aware of the fear stages  of puppies and take every step possible to insure your dog doesn’t have a bad experience with an older dog which will imprint on the pup possibly causing the pup to be a nervous and fearful dog. Those are two traits you NEVER want in a LECT.

    Also you need to comprehend that a bored pup is a destructive pup. With fast growth of these dogs you need to keep a close watch to ensure they wont cause a lot of damage to your belongings. If he shreds your carpet or furniture do not blame the pup, you’ve been warned. Many Landseer ECTs have a incessant urge to chew especially wood but your drywall may suffice.

    The adolescent phase between 1 and age 2 1/2 years of age can be challenging with this giant independent thinker. Now you also have the natural hormones and strength of a possible 150 pound dog to consider.  If you have  done your part with the training you might not even notice much of a change or at all but if not be prepared.   I have been told this has been a time when your dog might actually challenge you as with many guard breed.  He may not feel like moving off a spot on the couch or even getting his collar on to go for a walk.  These things can be difficult.  I wont give professional training advise though you may need a professional to step in.


   Now is NOT the time to turn  and walk away nor abandon your dog which happens far too often with the giant breeds. You have had a great part in molding the personality traits in your dog and he is your responsibility to try and have him return to a happy position in your family.  Consider giving your dog a job.   Many behavior problems can be altered by giving your dog a job such has hauling yard debris with a cart  or wearing a pack on a walk to carry his water or  your mail.  Also reference an article by the Chow Chow club of America called ALPHA BOOT CAMP. 

    Some LECT have what is referred to as hunting instinct or prey drive. They like to chase and possibly capture moving animals. There could be ways to use this as an advantage in games with your dog  such as chasing a ball or  a Frisbee. But these dogs also may just as well enjoy chasing your chickens or cats; or drag you at the end of a leash after a fleeing deer. These dogs are very powerful and a two legged human is not a match if an LECT wants to take flight in a chase. 

   The Landseer ECT is a guard dog so please do not get him confused with one of the more softer personality dogs as a Bernese Mountain dog or even a Saint Bernard.   He is an alert and watchful protector which could mean depending on your environment an LECT might do a lot of barking.  You cant yell at a dog for barking he just thinks you are joining in and besides its hardly fair when its their job and instinct to do so. So are you prepared for a possible barking dog?

   Yes, he is a watchful protector.   He should NEVER go to a guard dog or bite training school.  Teaching him to release his bite inhibition would be a great disservice to the individual dog and possibly the the reputation of the breed not to mention what it will do for your insurance premiums.   An LECT will stand between you and a threat raising his hackles making him appear nearly doubled in size.  They guard through intimidation by size, confident demeanor and growling.  Only in the more dire situations should an LECT use his teeth.

    A Landseer ECT is not a backyard dog left to his own devices for days on end.  He can occupy himself with a playful curious attitude, but he wants nothing more (except maybe food) than to have companionship of their owner. If during play an LECT raises his hackles it doesn’t mean its a sign of aggression.   Hackle raising is an involuntary when a dog is excited or over stimulated similar to human goose bumps so be prepared to get your own if you witness it .  

With a dedicated , prepared and dog wise owner,

the Landseer ECT can be amongst the very best of companion animals.

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