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Pacific Seaport Landseers

Pacific Seaport Landseers

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Landseer Northwest USA Breeder

Landseer Northwest

USA Breeder

Welcome to the Landseer ECT of America 

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Welcome to the Landseer ECT  of America and your interest in our wonderful breed. 

Introducing the Landseer European Continental Type

   One of our purposes is to educate you,the public about our historically old breed and to dispel myths and confusion about our breed.   Much confusion is due the color of the black and white Newfoundland and their adoption of the name Landseer to identify their black and white Newfoundland.  That identity of color is in  countries not recognizing our breed, the US,Canada and the UK.   Most all other parts of the world including Australia, recognize the European Continental Landseer. Accordingly the colored Newfoundland is called the black and white Newfoundland.


   It was in 1886 the English Newfoundland club set our breed apart from the Newfoundland in breeding and in judgments.    It was visually clear the two dogs were unique not only in color height,mass and head type.    It wasn’t until 1960 that a standard was written for the ECT and adopted by the FCI declaring the European Continental Landseer as a breed unto itself.   The breed was well cared for by the fanciers of the breed in Europe  notably the first Landseer Club, the DLC in Germany who has vowed and has protected to keep the breed at its original natural state.


   Confusion lies in that there are many there are many similarities in the appearance of the ECT and the Landseer Newfoundland.  Their once black head has taken on much of the coloration of the ECT by breeders striving for the beauty of our breed.  You may read a myth that the ECT does not have ticking so a dog with ticking is a Newfoundland.   This is totally false.   The show standard is striving to rid the ECT of ticking but it is very much in existence in our breed.   It is not visible in young puppies.  You may also read that the ECT is not a good family dog because they roam. While it isn’t being advised for the safety of the dog and regulation that the ECT be off leash, the ECT makes a wonderful addition to a family willing to see that the dog gets ample exercise and training.


   It is our hope as Landseer owners to educate the public about our breed and that the more experienced mentor newcomers in the breed and the world of dogs , training a giant breed and enjoying the various versatility competitions our breed can compete in such as obedience, agility, canine good citizen and becoming a valued member to society as a therapy dog.  They are well suited for carting and have an instinct for swimming and water rescue.  Conformation is not something we regularly participate with our dogs in the US but there are some alternatives available.


   We want to identify not only by numbers but every individual dog in the United States.  One of ur goals is to form a rescue network who can identify lost, stolen and in distress ECT on US soil.  Our hopes would be to reunite the dog with their owner and if that’s not possible see that The ECT goes to a loving knowledgeable forever home.   Additionally we wish to prepare a disaster plan in the event of a natural emergency or death of an owner..


A complete description can be found in the in the FCI BREED STANDARD  #226

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Landseer ECT
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