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Lot of 5, ASCA RALLY QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE Effective 6-1-2023. $31.99 each, $3.00 off the regular price of $34.99.

The ASCA Rally Quick Reference Guide has been updated for 6-1-2023 and now includes 20 new signs. This comprehensive guide covers all signs and descriptions for all 4 Regular Class levels of ASCA Rally. With a left spiral bond, this 5 x 9 guide is easy to reference. The guide is printed in large font and is water resistant, making it perfect for use in any weather. Get your hands on this essential guide for a successful ASCA Rally experience.  Free USPS Priority Shipping. 

Lot of 5 - ASCA RALLY QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE Updated 6-1-2023

  • The Guide is 5 x 9. Left Spiral Bond for quick and easy reference. 14 Font (Large Print), 36 pages. Full color printed on Premium Bright White 24# stock and 5mil. laminated for lasting durability and water resistant. Note: the Rally Sign Descriptions are updated to the MOST CURRENT REVISIONS (to date of order) posted by ASCA effective 6-1-2023. Price includes USPS Shipping by Parcel Post for 1 Guide, 2 or more Guides will ship by Priority Mail. 

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